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Essentials For A Day at Lindfield

 Rucksack or small bag

                       Packed Lunch and a drink

 Wellington Boots or strong walking boots depending on weather conditions - Wellies are normally the best option

                      Waterproof jacket and trousers if wet weather.

 Overalls or old clothing.

                       Change of clothes just in case!

· Normal activities at Lindfield are included in our charges, any additional costs for specialist activities will be agreed with the bill payer beforehand, and will be billed directly so there is no need for clients to bring money with them. We cannot be responsible for any loss of money or valuables brought onto the premises.

· Lindfield is a working Smallholding and clothing will get dirty, so practical and sensible dressing is essential. Designer clothes and jewellery are not necessary and may get damaged, broken or lost

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